What an extraordinary, oversize, vintage Art Nouveau chandelier! Five, very tall branches reach up and out, holding shades like drooping flower blossoms. NOTE: Now available with period, light amber colored, carnival glass shades; see first and final photos; price unchanged! Inner light glows through butterscotch swirl "petals" of slumped glass, added from a retired, slag glass lamp shade. Did it originally have shades that slip this way or some other shades surrounding the five inner lights (replaced now by smaller, candelabra base light sockets)? The world will never know. Perhaps they simply sported bare light bulbs to augment those in the shades on the ends of the branches... The original pull-string switch turns off and on the outer lights in the vintage, satin finish, amber, NUART shades, leaving on only the inner lights that shine through the colored "flower petal" shades, which admittedly sit a little precariously between the arms; care must be taken when inserting or adjusting them. 29" wide with shades, 36" long (can be shortened).

# 1555

$ 1200

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